SBMplus aims to be a global company that can provide good products for people and nature. To that end, from a medium- to long-term perspective, we will grasp the environmental changes and issues surrounding SBMplus, such as the earth, regions, society, and economy, continue to provide value to all stakeholders, and compete for sustainable growth. We will work on management to enhance our strength.

Efforts to create value for stakeholders

Product Brand & Quality Assurance
We develop products based on raw materials that can be used safely and for a long time with the motto of safe and secure for people and nature.
We will promote quality creation from the customer's perspective and aim to realize the continuous provision of safe and secure"" products that can earn the trust and satisfaction of customers.
Environment where diverse human resources can demonstrate their abilities
In order to flexibly respond to rapid environmental changes and constantly create new value, human resources with a challenge mind are necessary.
We are working to create an environment where we can strengthen our connections with human resources and make full use of them.
Social contribution
In all business activities such as raw materials and sales of products, we will act in consideration of contributions to local and international communities, focusing on “support for the community” and “protection of the environment”.
Contributing to the environment
As a property for the next generation, we believe that we have a social responsibility to promote efforts on all animals, plants and the environment on the planet.
Retired horses support
We are supporting RETOUCH, retired horses support group.