Development and sales of Environmental products

324 Safety Clean series

324 Safety Clean's environmental products are sanitizing and deodorizing air purification products made in Japan. All products are made from cutting-edge technology and safe materials. A universal disinfectant that decomposes all viruses and bacteria, and an air purifier that strongly removes harmful substances. All products are reliable and have proven to be highly effective. Although it has a powerful effect, it is a product that is safe for all people and the environment.

324 eco PRODUCTS
324 eco COAT(Business use)

It is antibacterial, deodorant and air cleaning technology which adopted new technology "Artificial Light Catalyst" which turns into photocatalyst. It is possible to shorten construction time and high quality coating with a special sprayer. By maintaining regularly every 3 to 5 years, you can maintain comfortable space.


Development and sales of Health and Cosmetic products

324 Health & Beauty series

A new lineup of the 324 Health & Beauty series that delivers “good for the body with safe materials”.
We are developing skincare cosmetics that use the latest ingredients and supplements that are 100% natural and can be used with confidence even on sensitive skin. All products are manufactured using high-quality materials and reliable technology.

324 eco PRODUCTS
324 Pet Care series

The only product in the world that cares for the health of pets, who are also important family members, from inside and outside. It is a gem stuck to natural materials and the latest technology.

Pet Shampoo - Coming Soon.

Pet Health Watcher - Coming Soon.

Bacterial self-checker "mil-kin (bacteria to see)."

We started handling the hygiene management tool "mil-kin" which realizes "visualization of bacteria" easily using smartphones.
In addition, mil-kin was enacted in March 2019 as ”a portable microorganism observation device JIS B 7271.

Product catalog

Overseas IT staffing business

Directly scouting high-class human resources, such as IT development managers, ICT strategy managers, IT architects, data analysts IT, AI, ROBO TECH, bridge engineers, etc.
In addition to dispatch, we can also handle requests for system development offshore.

Consulting services for overseas business

Introducing company vs company or company vs products / technologies in overseas areas currently being deployed to Japan or assisting in the local area.

Building maintenance

Number of managed properties 150 or more in Tokyo

From the customer's perspective, we provide clean, condominium, office building, and commercial facilities (daily, periodic, and special cleaning) services to provide users of buildings and facilities with a comfortable and secure environment.


Our 7 “Plus S” Promises

We work with a smile – It’s one of our distinguishing features.
Immediate response. Immediate action. This defines us.
We have pride in our work and know the value we bring.
Understanding the essence of your needs, we are 100% focused on the problem at hand.
Seriously respond to any requests
Safety and cutting-edge technology are standards
Never forget the shining